Michigan made movie to premiere in Vassar

Posted: Mar 29, 2018 5:28 PM EDTUpdated: Mar 29, 2018 5:29 PM EDT
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By Craig McMorris, TV5 Anchor/Reporter
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A movie, made in Michigan, will have its world premiere right in Mid-Michigan.

The film “75 North” is a production of a film company based out of Detroit.

“Our story centers around the more nefarious uses of the highway as it passes through the Great Lakes State. Evil has come to Michigan,” the trailer says.

“75 North” is a murder mystery shot entirely in Michigan.

Victor Mosson, Saginaw native, stars in the film. He said the movie will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

“I mean, it’s a roller coaster ride. A lot of excitement. Some suspense. You really don’t know exactly who done it and that’s one of the thrilling parts about the movie,” Mosson said.

Kevin Taylor, the writer, director and head of LRT Films, said it only took him a couple of weeks to come up with the screenplay.

“Some friends of mine live in Kalkaska and they were saying, ‘man, we all could get together and do something fun.’ And I said maybe we could do a move up there about killings on 75 because no one’s ever done it before,” Taylor said.

Many of the film’s actors gathered in the lobby of the Vassar Theatre on Thursday to talk about the movie.

Shirley Symon, actress, is from Vassar.

“Every kid dreams about oh, I’m going to make it big in the movies or on stage. But the fact that I’m actually in one is totally, totally mind-blowing,” Symon said.

The owner of the theater is excited to have the world premiere of “75 North” at his movie house.

“There’s so much wonderful creativity around Mid-Michigan and the movies bring it all together,” said Andreas Fuchs, owner.

The red carpet premiere is April 5.


Some local performers demonstrated their acting skills for the big screen.

They are in a martial arts film called Red Ninja, The Sisterhood.

The film is described as an action packed, old school martial arts movie. It takes place in present time with traditional apparel and old school techniques.

Saginaw native and martial arts champion Victor Mosson plays a main role in the film as the villain Niko.

"He's pursuing the Golden Manual, which was left by Golden Hands with the secrets to kill with one blow. So there are a lot of martial arts clans that are after the manual," Mosson said.

Brittani Russell always plays a role in the movie. She attends Arthur Hill High School and the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy.

"I play the character Nightblade. She is Niko's protege. She's like second in command and she doesn't like how he wants to go after the manual," Russell said.

The film could play at a Mid-Michigan movie theater in the next couple of months.

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