Red Ninja the SisterHood 2016




Wood Dan  2017




75 North 2018




Big K & the Impossibles   


HT the Lick


75 South       2019


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LRT Entertainment LLC

LRT Films


A small Michigan film company  based out of Merto Detroit E.S.T. in 2016. LRT makes it work with a small budget making big films. Founder Kevin Big K Taylor 3x Guinness World Champion.



Here at LRT films we not only partner with our actors/actresses but we also train individuals in different areas of the film business.


Such as camera operator, makeup artists, stunts, and special effects. Although we are currently a low budget film company we are expanding very quickly.


LRT Films, has several crew members looking to expand and get their big break in the indie film industry and even break through to Hollywood. We support their dreams and help

them in any way we can.


We have featured a few feature films on the big screen in Vassar, Mi and have also had movie releases on DVD, and VOD.


Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any kind of payment compensation to be in our films, but we do offer several perks, such as an IMDb credit, training in your specific area of interest, training and coaching from some of our veteran actors/actresses, free promotion, as well as a free profile for and portfolio building.



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